Welcome to the website of Strathtay Deer Management Group.

Located in the region of Perth & Kinross, Strathtay Deer Management Group covers an area to the south of Loch Tay. The Group area is bounded by the B846 to the west and south and the A9 to the east.

The available open range for Red Deer is almost entirely enclosed by a deer fence. Deer movement is largely unconstrained between properties throughout the open range of the group. Combinations of land use objectives and priorities vary from property to property throughout the Deer Management Group area but as a whole Conservation is a common focus of all.

Further information on all aspects of deer management can be found in the Deer Management Plan.

TheĀ  Deer Management Plan was updated and agreed in 2016, following a public consultation. Ongoing feedback, comments and queries are always welcome and should be directed to the Group Secretary.

Should you require any further information about the group, please contact the Group Secretary Linzi Seivwright at linzi@caorann.com